Math Project Success Stories: Sami and Ibad both scored 100% in Grade 10 of June 2020! Here’s Sami’s Story…

Sami math project - Math Project Success Stories

Since 2010, Math Project has helped countless students by boosting their math abilities, increasing their strengths, confidence and passion for math. To showcase Math Project’s positive influence, we spoke with two of Math Project’s longtime students – both of whom joined Math Project in Grade 4 and now completed Grade 10 with a perfect score of 100%. 

As one of the two high-achieving students, Sami is an aspiring entrepreneur who explained to us his experience at Math Project: 

Q1: How has Math Project helped you in school?

Sami: Doing the Math Project homework every single week and lessons helped a lot! My teachers at Math Project have been amazing! They’re definitely one of the reasons I did very well in Grade 10.

Q2: Would you like to share any milestones you accomplished in school math so far?

Sami: I joined Math Project in Grade 4. In Grade 5, I was awarded the Fibonacci medal in a mathematics contest, becoming the top math student in school. In Grade 10, I got 100%. As a personal milestone, math helped me with problem solving. I learnt that there’s always many solutions to a problem. I used to have a collection of Rubix Cubes, 3 by 3,4 by 4 and 5 by 5s when I was in grade 5. I would solve watching videos and applying algorithms. Math helps me with numbers and thinking faster!

Q3: Research shows that being good at math stimulates creativity. What kind of hobbies, interests or projects have you enjoyed that involve math?

Sami: I do a lot of projects around my house that require building and problem solving skills. I am  building a gym in my basement and all the equipment that goes in. I also built a basketball net around the pool so that the ball can’t go out of the water.

I’ve been running my own business for the last two to three months. I buy items that are either sold out or hard to acquire and sell them for a profit. Math is involved there through problem-solving, as I see items that are in demand and provide a supply for them. Math helps a lot with the business side, like calculating the numbers, profit margins, spreadsheets… The numbers side of business is all math! I actually had a financial goal for summer for my business and I reached that goal a long time ago.

Q4: What advice would you give to junior students?

Sami: The first advice I’d give is always to work hard in anything you do. There have been times when I’ve been a little demotivated when I have loads of work, but you just have to think about what your goal is and just know that there’s only one way to do that… You just have to work hard. 

The second advice is – in school, in math – always do every single question. Any question that a teacher gives you, do your work on time.

Sami is always making new goals for himself in school and in his entrepreneurial endeavors, continuing to strive for math excellence as a Math Project student. For more math stories and tips, check out our blog here! For additional math help, contact us today at 1-844-628-4243 to book a free assessment, or to know more about our math programs in Katy, Richmond, Cypress, Sugar Land, Missouri City and Hillcroft.

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