Below you’ll find some frequently asked questions by parents and students. Please call us or text us at 1-844-MATH-AID (1-844-628-4243) if you have a question that is not included below.


How many times a week are classes held?

The scheduled session is typically held once a week and is 1.5 hours long for kindergarten to Grade 8 and 2 hours long for high school students. In addition, there are daily drop-in sessions with expert Math teachers available during weekdays (Mondays to Thursdays) to clarify ask any math homework related questions or clarify any math concepts.

Are group sessions better for my child or one-on-one sessions?

At Math Project, we believe that every child has unique learning needs. The one-size-fits-all approach simply does not work in educating a child. Before enrolling the child in the program, our experts take a free assessment and identify any learning gaps. We then customize a learning plan and recommend whether the 1.5 hour long sessions, with a student-to-teacher ratio of 3:1 are more suitable or the shorter duration, one-on-one sessions.

Our most popular option is the 1.5 hour long sessions. 

Do you teach only math?

Yes, we are a specialized math school catering to all math needs, from kindergarten to grade 12. Our focus on math allows us to uphold the company mission to boost a child’s motivation and mastery of math.

How is Math Project different from other after-school programs?

Many after-school programs focus on teaching math by repetition and drill-type practice of worksheets whereas Math Project focuses on concepts, thought-process and reasoning. Math Project’s curriculum instills problem-solving skills rather than mindless repetition of a math technique.

In regards to our highly-qualified teaching staff, Math Project teachers go through a rigorous selection process, and have a proven record of excellence in math at university level.

We at Math Project also provide almost double the amount of session time that other math programs typically offer, using that time to boost our students’ growth and success in acquiring math knowledge.

What locations do you offer the program at?

We are completely virtual right now.


Math Project originated in the Greater Toronto Area, Canada in 2010. The on-site programs were located in Mississauga and Brampton. In 2020, Math Project went completely online as a result fo COVID. Bank of Montreal awarded us for being the Top 10 organizations that showed resilience and innovation in the face of the pandemic.

A huge majority of the parents have been so satisfied with the online model that they encouraged us to stay online, mainly due to saving commute time. Also, it allowed parents to glance over the online lessons from the comfort of their homes, allowing higher transparency. Word-of-mouth by our current, satisfied parents triggered a snowball effect allowing parents from other parts of North America to join the online program. 

What curriculum do you teach?

For grades 1 to 8, Math Project follows a unique curriculum that is aligned with US Common Core. We typically teach new concepts earlier than at school. Most students experience the advantage of learning new material ahead of their peers. Typically, it takes 4 to 8 months for students to be ahead of their peers at school. Parent involvement can accelerate this even more.

For grade 9 to 12, Math Project lessons are customized to help students with the exact material they cover at school if they join during their school semester, and in advance, if they join ahead of time.

What are your fees?

Math Project fees are dependent on the student’s grade and program of study. Please give us a call at 1 844-628-4243 to book a free assessment for your child and to receive valuable information regarding Math Project, including fees.

What teaching method do you use?

Math Project uses a proven curriculum and a unique classical model that enriches a student’s understanding of core math concepts. With its dynamic learning programs, the program fills in any educational math gaps by implementing a strong understanding of foundational math concepts in students. These learning programs are customizable, tailored to each student’s learning needs and style.

Research has proven that learning mathematics through problem resolution activities is the most efficient way for a person to develop lasting mathematical skills and one of the best ways to prepare students to meet the challenges of the future. Students are trained and motivated to achieve the program’s high targets, which helps them adopt the attitude of excellence. Click here for more information on our teaching methodology.

What is the student to teacher ratio? What is the size of the class?

The student to teacher ratio is approximately 3 students to 1 teacher. Each child follows his/her own pace. We keep the group sizes small so that teachers can form a connection with their students and can keep a close eye on their progress.

Do you prepare students for the entrance tests for admissions to schools offering IB, AP and gifted programs?

We do not offer specialized classes to prepare for these entrance tests, however, students have a high success rate in these entrance exams due to the inherent nature of our curriculum and teaching methodology.

Can we start any time of the year?

Yes, your child may begin at any time of the year. We will assess the student’s current math skill level and start them on the appropriate material to practice their current skills and start moving them forward.

At what age can my child start?

We accept students of any age to join Math Project. Some of our students began when they were only in kindergarten while others started only in high school. Our curriculum for each grade is well developed to cover any gaps in student’s knowledge no matter what grade level they begin at.

What age should I start my child in this type of program?

The earlier a child starts the better. When a student begins early in this type of program, they are able to build their confidence in the foundations needed to excel at math. Then, they are able to stay ahead of their grade material in school which gives them confidence in class to answer questions and help their classmates.

How do I enroll my child in Math Project?

Fill out the Contact Us form on our website or call us at 1-844-628-4243 ext 2 to book a free assessment. Once we have assessed the child for any learning gaps, our experts will advise you of the next steps.

Can I join during the school?

You can join the program anytime you want.

What are your teacher's credentials?

Our teachers go through rigorous selection criteria and the Math Project Teacher’s training on a regular basis. Most of our teachers have demonstrated exemplary grades in their math courses at the university level. They have strong mentorship skills to build a connection with the students to motivate and encourage them.

Are you able to teach children with special needs?

Math Project does not have a specialized program for children with special needs or learning disabilities. However, we have had the opportunity to teach students with cerebral palsy, mild autism, ADHD, etc. The students gained immensely from the program as parents reported significant improvement in their school math and boost in confidence.

How much commitment is there once I sign up? Can I cancel anytime?

Math Project is a month-to-month program. If you would like to cancel enrollment, you need to notify the management at 1-844-628-4243 fifteen days before the start of the calendar month from which you wish to discontinue.

How much are one-on-one sessions?

The fees for Math Project’s one-on-one sessions are dependent on the student’s grade and number of hours required. We have a few packages to choose from. Please give us a call at 1 844-628-4243 to book a free assessment for your child and to receive valuable information regarding Math Project, including fees.

Do you provide help with school homework?

Kindergarten to Grade 8: Yes, in our school help program (a.k.a. ‘K-8 Homework Club’) we do provide a school help that focuses on covering the exact material that the student is currently learning at school. This program may help a student who is currently struggling but it is not a long-term solution. Thus, if the child joins the program late and has a missing foundation, many parents enroll students in both the school help program and the regular group sessions to ensure their child does well at school in the current year. After following the Math Project curriculum for a while, most children are far ahead of their school and don’t require help with school homework.

High School: Students who join in high school are taught the exact material the student will cover in school, with logic and reasoning. Students are provided with sufficient practice and tests to master the material and perform well in school.