Below you’ll find some frequently asked questions by parents and students. Please call us at 1-844-MATH-AID (1-844-628-4243) or text us if you don’t see the answers to questions.


How is MathProject different from other after-school programs?

The following Important philosophies are unique to MathProject:

  • For younger students (K – 7), our goal is to make the student independent learners so they don’t have to rely on tutoring when they reach high school.
  • For high school students: we strive to keep the students at least two weeks ahead of their school.
  • 85% is the passing grade in every assignment and test: we instill in children the philosophy of “striving for excellence” at a young age or else “re-do”.

Our former students, who are now in medical, engineering or other professional schools, found this training to be one of the most powerful preparations for their higher education.

  • By following the program for a few months, many elementary students are at least 2-3 years ahead of their school grade level.
  • Our unique K-8 curriculum focuses on teaching core concepts with a focus on word problems and showing steps. 
    • We discourage the use of calculators for elementary math and teach solving from first principles.
    • We teach the importance of showing steps versus just the final answer. Just showing the final answer is not enough. We need to see and train them on how” the approach problem. ( For example, we would teach breaking a complex word problem into components like “Given”, “Required” and “Solution”)
  • Access to the teacher from Monday to Thursday for school or MathProject homework help via supplementary, online drop-in hours. This is in addition to their weekly MathProject mandatory session.
  • Homework is not graded during the class time, rather before the next class so that teacher is well-prepared to give feedback in the next session.
  • Formal tests and assessments are administered after module completion on Saturdays in addition to the weekly class time to train students for higher education at an early age.

What teaching method do you use?

MathProject uses a proven curriculum and a unique classical model that enriches a student’s understanding of core math concepts. With its dynamic learning programs, the program fills in any educational math gaps by implementing a strong understanding of foundational math concepts in students. These learning programs are customizable, tailored to each student’s learning needs and style.

Research has proven that learning mathematics through problem resolution activities is the most efficient way for a person to develop lasting mathematical skills and one of the best ways to prepare students to meet the challenges of the future. Students are trained and motivated to achieve the program’s high targets, which helps them adopt the attitude of excellence. Click here for more information on our teaching methodology.

What are your teacher's credentials?

In addition to the stringent recruitment criteria, MathProject teachers go through extensive professional development training to make math fun and motivation-boosting for each child.

In terms of qualifications and attributes, we have both certified teachers and highly qualified individuals who have demonstrated excellence in high school/ university math. All of them possess great mentorship skills demonstrated through various leadership experiences.

Will the teacher change every class?

We do not change the teacher from session to session. This allows the student to build trust, confidence, and a bond with the teacher. Our emphasis on building a rapport with the student helps us cater to the child’s unique learning needs.

What age should I start my child in this type of program?

The earlier a child starts the better. When a student begins early in this type of program, they can build their confidence in the foundations needed to excel at math. Then, they are able to stay ahead of their grade material in school which gives them confidence in class to answer questions and help their classmates.

What locations do you offer the program at?

We are completely virtual right now.


MathProject originated in the Greater Toronto Area, Canada in 2010. The on-site programs were located in Mississauga and Brampton. In 2020, MathProject went completely online as a result fo COVID. Bank of Montreal recognized us among the Top 10 resilient and innovative organizations during the pandemic.

A huge majority of the parents have been so satisfied with the online model that they encouraged us to stay online, mainly due to saving commute time. Also, it allowed parents to glance over the online lessons from the comfort of their homes, allowing higher transparency. Word-of-mouth by our current, satisfied parents triggered a snowball effect allowing parents from other parts of North America to join the online program. 

Why is the program online only (and not in-person)?

We were in-person for 10 years in 2 campuses but since the start of COVID, we pivoted completely to an online program as more than 95% of our parents wished to stay online after the pandemic.

Online setting was more effective for the following reasons:

  • We were successful in maintaining the same or higher engagement and motivation in our virtual setting as we had onsite (by investing in teachers’ training, administrative checks and online tools)
  • Online learning is the future of education which we believe students should start getting comfortable with, especially for a once-in-a-week class.
  • There’s higher transparency. From the comfort of their homes, parents are able to observe the quality of teaching, their child’s focus and engagement and work with the MathProject team on improving learning outcomes.
  • Parents are appreciating no commuting and parking hassles on a weekly basis, which was not the case when we were onsite.
  • It allowed us to provide daily access to the live teacher to all our students, in addition to their weekly math class. From Monday to Thursday, we offer Math Aid Hours to all students who can seek help for a few minutes if they struggle with any concept clarification whether for school homework or MathProject’s homework.


Why in-person academies may not be giving good value to students?

  • Many competitors do not allow students to take work home from an in-person setting due to protecting their curriculum. We are transparent with our curriculum.
  • Many competitor academies grade homework during class time in a placed based environment, whereas we strictly focus on interactive learning and engagement during the online session while grading the work at our own time, not the student’s time.

How many times a week are classes held?

The regular sessions are 1.5 hours long for elementary students and 2 hours for high school students. In addition, we offer 4 supplementary hours, also referred to as “Math Aid Hours” from Monday to Thursday, that allow students to drop in to clarify any math related questions, whether from school homework or MathProject related homework. Our maximum student to teacher ratio is 3:1 for regular sessions.

Moreover, grading of homework, preparation of performance reports and periodic tests and assessment take place outside of the aforementioned hours. We work closely with parents to coordinate schedules with them.

Are group sessions better for my child or one-on-one sessions?

At MathProject, we believe that every child has unique learning needs. The one-size-fits-all approach simply does not work in educating a child. Before enrolling the child in the program, our experts take a free assessment and identify any learning gaps. We then customize a learning plan and recommend whether the 1.5 hour long sessions, with a student-to-teacher ratio of 3:1 are more suitable or the shorter duration, one-on-one sessions.

Generally, our most popular study model is 1.5 hour long weekly sessions with a maximum student to teacher ratio of 3:1. We encourage most students to join the  1.5-hour long weekly sessions because of the longer duration spent with the teacher. This not only allows the teacher to cover more concepts but also monitor the student’s in-class practice at length. Moreover, it replicates real life scenarios where students are studying in the presence of other students building teamplayer skills.
Please note that we have limited 40-minute one-on-one sessions reserved for children with special needs and/or special circumstances. Available to all parents, with priority for special needs. Switch to 1.5-hour session may be requested due to shortages.

Do you teach only math?

Yes, we are a specialized math school catering to all math needs, from kindergarten to grade 12. Our focus on math allows us to uphold the company mission to boost a child’s motivation and mastery of math.

What curriculum do you teach?

For grades 1 to 8, MathProject follows a unique and a customized curriculum based on child’s math level. It is aligned with the Canadian Curriculum and US Common Core. Most students experience the advantage of learning new material ahead of their peers. Typically, it takes 4 to 8 months for students with missing foundation to catch up on math fundamentals. Parent involvement can accelerate this even more.

Customized lessons for grades 9-12 align with school material, supporting current semester students and preparing advance learners.

What are your fees?

The cost of our regular program is US$ 195 for Kindergarten to Grade 8 and US$ 300 for high school. There is one time registration cost of $ 50. There is also an option to customize sessions prices for which may vary, however, the regular programs are most popular.

Why is the program expensive?

  • We are a distinguished, premium service, yet we charge less than most afterschool programs. See our comparison chart.
  • Value-for-money program: We offer more weekly hours with expert teachers than any other program. We offer 1.5 hours for elementary sessions and 2 hours for the high school sessions Math enrichment and school homework help are both offered in the package.
  • We offer more hours than any major competitor for a significantly lower monthly fee. The average fee charged by Spirit of Math or Mathnasium is in the range of $350 to $450 a month and they offer a lot less hours.
  • The program is highly customized based on each child’s unique learning needs, without compromising on our educational standards.

What is the student to teacher ratio? What is the size of the class?

The student to teacher ratio is approximately 3 students to 1 teacher. Each child follows his/her own pace. We maintain small group sizes for teachers to form connections, closely monitor students, and track their progress effectively.

Do you offer one-on-one sessions and what are the fees?

Yes, we do offer one-on-one sessions in special circumstances. The fees for MathProject’s one-on-one sessions is same as the regular sessions. You can refer to the for more information. 

Do you prepare students for the entrance tests for admissions to schools offering IBT, IB, SciTech, Istem, etc.?

Yes, we do prepare students for these entrance tests. Our students have passed these tests with flying colors just by the virtue of following our curriculum and teaching methodology. Check out “Our results” page on our website for more details. 

Can we start any time of the year?

Yes, your child may begin at any time of the year. We assess the student’s current math skills, starting with appropriate material to practice and advance their abilities.

At what age can my child start?

We accept students of any age to join MathProject. Some of our students began when they were only in kindergarten while others started only in high school. Regardless of starting grade, our curriculum addresses knowledge gaps, offering benefits for students who join at an earlier age.

How do I enroll my child in MathProject?

Fill out the Contact Us form on our website or call us at 1-844-628-4243 ext 2 to book a free assessment. Once we have assessed the child for any learning gaps, our experts will advise you of the next steps.

Can I join during the school?

Yes, you can join the program anytime you want.

Are you able to teach children with special needs?

MathProject does not have a specialized program for children with special needs or learning disabilities. However, we have had the opportunity to teach students with cerebral palsy, mild autism, ADHD, etc. The students gained immensely from the program as parents reported significant improvement in their school math and boost in confidence.

Do you provide help with school homework?

Kindergarten to Grade 8: After following the MathProject curriculum for a while, most children are far ahead of their school and don’t require help with school homework. However, we have Math Aid Hours available four times a week (Monday to Thursday). Expert tutors assist with any math homework or concept—whether from school or MathProject—in these drop-in sessions.

High School: Students who join in high school are taught the exact material the student will cover in school, with logic and reasoning. Students are provided with sufficient practice and tests to master the material and perform well in school.

How much commitment is there once I sign up? Can I cancel anytime?

MathProject is a month-to-month program. If you would like to cancel enrollment, you need to notify the management at 1-844-628-4243. If a parent/guardian chooses to withdraw a student from the monthly program or need to be away for an extended period of time, they are required to notify us in writing or by email at least 15 days prior to the commencement of the month in which they wish to do so.