Math Help Online: 3 Ways to Strengthen Math Skills During Quarantine

Math Help Online: 3 Ways to Strengthen Math Skills During Quarantine

The outbreak of COVID-19 has altered the education system, affecting over ninety-one percent of the student population worldwide. Although the closures help to prevent exposure of the virus to students for their safety, their education has been limited to learning at home. Teachers, who are equally as affected, have to scramble to fulfill their students’ learning experiences in unprecedented and often untested ways. With such sudden changes to education, students have become prone to learning gaps.

Luckily, there are various resources online to help students reinforce and improve their math skills during this pandemic. Effective math help online boils down to three methods: digital math games, online educational videos and online tutoring.

1. Digital Math Games

When you hear the word “game”, what words do you associate with it? If “fun” was one of your words, then you’ve come up with one of the biggest reasons why digital math games are so effective. 

Digital math games transform a student’s learning of math from an instructional one into an entertaining experience. This online math help method motivates students to play those games repeatedly, engaging their mathematical skills while developing familiarity with math and its concepts. These digital math games range in type and level, strengthening knowledge in various mathematical topics. The competitive edge, freedom in finding strategies and engaged problem-solving provides an environment conducive to learning, making them work independently of teachers and boosting their confidence when they win. Teachers see this as well, as almost seventy-five percent of teachers promote the use of digital games in their students’ learning experiences.

In playing these digital games to provide math help, students are able to enjoy math, actively enhancing their mathematical knowledge and skills. However, these games are best utilized for practicing math and not necessarily for learning new concepts – that’s what online educational videos are for.

2. Online Educational Videos

Ranging from websites like YouTube and Vimeo, students can find math help through videos explaining math from its basics to calculus and more. These informative videos, performed by math teachers and experts alike, are created to make students feel more familiar and comfortable with math topics.

The videos provide different explanations and methods in solving math problems, often condensed to fit information within two to three minutes and accompanied by drawings or animations. 

With the ability to watch the videos as many times as they’d like, students are able to reinforce their understanding of the concept and its formulas, building knowledge and confidence. In a survey asking student participants to rank their math self-efficacy from 1 to 5, the researcher found that their answers increased after learning with video tutorials; the mean average going from 3.68 to 4.31. 

With educational math videos instilling confidence in self-efficacy, they’re great as additional math help tools in expanding further knowledge in certain concepts and applications. But for an ultimately more fulfilling learning experience, online math tutoring does the job and more.

3. Online Tutoring

Although math games and videos are amazing resources in getting math help online, these methods seem limited in comparison to the benefits an online math tutor gives. 

The biggest benefit of online math tutoring is that it fosters a student’s individual learning. When a student has a certain question on a concept, it isn’t guaranteed that math games or educational videos will address it fully. And with the COVID-19 pandemic, it’s harder for students to gain the individual attention of their teachers who are responsible for many other students. On the other hand, an online math tutoring program provides a structured learning environment to students helping them navigate their way from topic to topic. A good math program provides a wholesome experience for students looking to be successful in school and beyond. It dedicates time, effort and resources to bettering their student’s understanding of the subject at hand.

An online tutor not only offers their student math help, but also improves their study habits and confidence. They ensure that the student understands the processes and formulas needed for the materials covered in class, as well as pinpointing academic strengths and weaknesses to boost their skills and reduce struggles. A study had shown that ninety percent of students, who had content experts as tutors, improved their grades and academic achievements, with seventy-one percent improving their standardized test scores. 

With expertise in the field and the time to ensure proper understanding, online tutoring is the strongest method in receiving math help online for an improved academic performance.


Math help online, whether through digital games, educational videos or online tutoring, is more important than ever in these uncertain times. It’s crucial that students continue to proactively reinforce their math skills, especially with remote learning limiting interaction with teachers and hands-on training. 

However, there is no need to fret if you or your child is struggling in math. We at MathProject have developed an innovative digital learning platform since last year, creating live, interactive online sessions that hold the same advantages as in-class learning. 

We aim to maintain not only our student’s social bond with our tutors, but to continue building their confidence and strengths in math through high-quality and advanced technology. For more details on our math programs in Katy, Richmond, Cypress, Sugar Land, Missouri City and/or Hillcroft, and booking free assessment, contact us today at 1-844-628-4243. Book a free assessment

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