The Advantages of Live Math Classes

live math classes

Due to COVID-19 and reinforcements on social distancing, students may not learn math in a traditional classroom for a while. Luckily, new ways to teach and continue math education have been implemented – most namely, live math classes. 

Live math classes are the next best thing to being in a traditional classroom. While abiding to safe social distancing procedures, they allow real-time interaction and a tangible learning environment. The benefits of a live math class doesn’t stop there – they also hone in on having a human element, comfortable environment, effective feedback and building a student’s time management skills.

1. Live math classes incorporate human element

It can be hard to feel like you’re learning when you’re enrolled in online courses. However, live math classes help to bring back that element of traditional classroom learning, where you listen to the teacher while being around fellow students. 

In being around others and the teacher in real-time, a sense of community is invoked as discussions, conversations and collaborations can easily be organized and conducted. Such activity decreases that feeling of isolation and enhances one’s learning through heightened engagement. 

2. Live math classes save parents the hassle of pick & drop

One of the greatest advantages of a live math class is its convenience of being accessible anywhere. Students and teachers aren’t obligated to meet in the same location, saving time that usually would be spent on commuting. All they need is to be online at the same time. 

Video calling services like Zoom, Google Hangouts and Microsoft Teams enable real-time interaction and teaching of lectures, as well as the ability to record and upload those lectures after class. This allows students to watch the lectures numerous times, cementing their understanding of what was discussed in the class. 

The factor of not being in a physical classroom may also be beneficial to shy students. Students can get the privacy they need with the teacher through the ‘breakout room’ feature on video-conferencing that conveniently allows the student and teacher to create a one-on-one learning environment. Due to its flexible and convenient scheduling, one-on-one live classes are readily available for a more personalized experience between students and teachers as well.

3. Live math classes enable students and teachers to receive instant feedback

Through a real-time online session, teachers are able to see their students’ progress and response to their teaching strategies. Teachers can offer on-the-spot feedback to students, giving guidance if they’re struggling with the math concept or providing positive reinforcement on their performance. Shy students also have the flexibility to type their questions or concerns in a chat room. Live math classes help teachers better tend to their students’ learning needs not only through giving them feedback, but also in receiving feedback from them. That way, teachers can modify their lectures to help improve learning efficacy within their class.

4. Live math classes build a student’s time management skills

When solely doing online courses and programs, a student’s freedom in choosing when to learn may neglect improving their time management skills. Conversely, enrolling in a live math class can motivate students to actively participate and develop strong time management skills. In maintaining consistent attendance and commitment to learning, students develop a sense of belonging as well, cultivating an optimal learning environment.


Live math classes, especially in these uncertain times, help students and teachers retain a school setting of face-to-face interaction while effectively learning the fundamentals in math. In other words, you can create a school learning experience with just two things: a good Internet connection and a screen.

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