K-12 Math Projects

k to 12 math projects

K-12 Math Projects

Math plays an important role in child development and helps children make sense of the world around them. However, according to a survey done by Stat Analytica, some students found that math is a complicated subject while others found it an interesting subject. To help students gain key knowledge and develop better understanding of content in math while fostering math fun and joy, mathproject-based learning (PBL) is a terrific way to link math curriculum with real-world events and applications. Through PBL, students gain critical thinking skills and develop their interpersonal and intrapersonal skills. Moreover, PBL also helps children gain speaking and presentation skills identified in the Common Core Standards. Below are some mathproject ideas that you can do with your child to help them embrace the math around them!


Math Projects Ideas



Play shopping is one of the best games for including numbers, counting, and the concept of money. Whether children are shopping for groceries, clothing, or other supplies, they should start by planning what to buy based on a given budget. Children can have fun pricing items, adding up, calculating change – all the vital skills they will need in the real world. Besides the shopping process, Children may also organize the items on the receipt into categories and develop a graph. Collecting data and analyzing measurement help children build stronger critical thinking and problem solving skills.


Math Board Games

While math is straightforward in some math games such as card problems, math board games provide children with fun experiences while exploring the beauty of math. One popular math board game is Achi, in which players move their pieces to adjacent spaces until a 3-in-a-row is formed. Another engaging math board game is Dara, in which players take turns placing their pieces on the board, then move pieces in an attempt to form rows of three. When a player forms a row of three, they get to remove one of the opponent’s pieces. 

math board games achi dara

Such math projects can be easily set up at home, and develops life skills such as logical and deductive reasoning, multi-step problem solving, spatial reasoning, and much more.


STEM Activities

Students work together to solve real-world problems in STEM activities, which involve inquiry-based, open-ended, and higher-level thinking strategies. Through STEM activities, such as constructing a kite that will rise and stay up in the air the longest, or creating the tallest spaghetti tower, children take charge of their own learning and work towards a solution or a product in their own way.


Overall, math projects have a rightful place in the classroom and at home. They promote math talk, increase student engagement and motivation, encourage cooperative learning, and develop strategic thinking.


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