How to Teach Your Child Homeschool Math Online With Confidence

homeschool math online

With COVID-19 cases reported in schools, many parents are considering teaching homeschool math to their children through online means. However, teaching the subject may seem daunting to aspiring homeschoolers.

Such isn’t an uncommon phenomenon, as is seen in a U.S. News & World Report article revealing that only 41% of math teachers in the US have math degrees. Those who do not have math degrees must revisit math topics and concepts to teach their students, therefore parents can do the same for their children as well.

Overcome the following homeschooling myths and fears through these four steps:


Myth #1: “I’m not good at math, so I’ll just pick an online math program where I don’t have to do or understand anything”

A good math program not only teaches your child effectively, but also makes the learning material accessible to parents. The math program tends to the student’s learning needs while simultaneously guiding the parents through their learning process. This is done through sharing constant feedback, responding to questions, addressing concerns promptly and providing you with an easy-to-understand format of the lessons at hand.

You boost their progress when you are well-connected to their learning process, as you’re able to work closely with their online teacher and address any concerns immediately. With this approach, you support your child and make the math learning journey more worthwhile in exploring homeschool math online together.


Myth #2: “With my bad math skills, I’m just going to make my child dislike math if I teach them”

Think about it this way – it may be harder to teach someone something that comes easy to you. When naturally good at math, you may feel more impatient when teaching others who struggle with its concepts and formulas. However, when you learn alongside your student, you have more patience and understanding of their situation. It becomes more rewarding in the process, as you’re not only growing in your knowledge but helping your child in building their math confidence.

To do so, set small and achievable goals for you and your child. As long as you demonstrate progress in how you teach homeschool math online to your child, the size of these goals doesn’t matter.


Myth #3: “I shouldn’t do homeschool math online – my children might have a lower chance of getting into college if I do”

Being homeschooled doesn’t mean your child can’t go into the college of their choice; on the contrary, it may help them get accepted into that college. On average, homeschooled children tend to score higher on entrance exams, as studies show that they have scored at the 65th to 80th percentile on standardized academic achievement tests compared to others enrolled in traditional schools.

With that in mind, parents can provide their children with effective math education through homeschool math online – they just need to have the right tools. Essential basics like finding the right curriculum and resources of animated lessons, interactive online tutorials, etc. can help the homeschooler jumpstart their child’s math education towards the right direction.


Myth #4: “I can’t homeschool my children if I hate math myself!”

Such a sentiment, though very common, can ultimately stop a parent from giving their children a comprehensive and enjoyable math education. To conquer this fear, have you and your child learn about math’s importance in everyday life. 

Examine how math integrates into daily activities like cooking or traveling to help you and your child appreciate math’s role in societal function. Things like reading math books that include its history or fun games and puzzles can amp up that appreciation as well. For homeschool math online, you can look for games that let your child and you practice math in different topics (a great website for this is “Cool Math for Kids”!).

Regardless, how you teach math to your children will reflect your feelings about it, so try to see the beauty in math, and your children will follow suit!

With these four myths debunked, you can start your journey in teaching homeschool math online with confidence! It will not only provide your child with an enriched math learning experience, but will help you bond with them and build your math appreciation in the process.

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