Does Online Math Tutoring Actually Work for Students?

does online math tutoring actually work

With the pandemic lasting over close to two years, most students around the world have no choice but to do online schooling, with many brick-and-mortar tutoring centers also adapting to online lessons under the pandemic. Nevertheless, many parents are still questioning the effectiveness of online math tutoring, with one question lingering in their minds: “Does online math tutoring actually work for students?” 


Online math tutoring can absolutely work for students! Read more about the top three benefits of enrolling your child in one:


3 Benefits of Online Math Tutoring


1. Flexible Hours

Balancing school work and personal life can be difficult to do during a pandemic. Students may find it hard to stick to a fixed schedule due to unexpected circumstances. However, with online math tutoring, students have the flexibility to work around their busy schedules, becoming a convenient solution towards continuing their math learning.


2. Quickly Share Material

Online math tutoring allows students to easily share their assignments or questions with tutors. The tutor can bring the documents up on the screen, and work on it together with the student. With access to the same page, both the student and math tutor can express their thoughts at the same time. This technology can help build a closer relationship between students and their tutors, consequently making a big difference to student performance, as suggested by National Public Radio’s social science correspondent Shankar Vedantam.


3. Appeal to the VARK Learning Styles

The VARK learning model suggests that there are four main types of learners: visual, auditory, reading/writing, and kinesthetic. Students learn best when teaching methods and learning activities match their learning styles. Similar to in-person tutoring, online math tutoring can also effectively teach students using their preferred VARK learning styles. The online platform makes it easy for students and math tutors to work with colors and draw perfect geometric shapes, benefiting visual learners. Auditory learners have an opportunity to explain their understanding to reinforce key points. This gives students a chance to be the tutor by reiterating the math concepts back for greater comprehension. By exposing reading/writing learners to presentation slides or real-time screens, students can successfully learn about math topics as if they were having in-person sessions. Kinesthetic learners can interact with their immediate environment, getting up and moving around to engage with hands-on learning. This allows students to feel comfortable while joining online math classes.


Besides staying safe during the pandemic, online math tutoring also provides many other positive values to children. In response to the ongoing COVID-19 crisis, Math Project successfully deployed online classes to support all of our Grades 1 to 12 students. 100% of Math Project students have successfully transitioned to online platform since March 2020. This also won Math Project a national recognition for being one of the Top 10 women-led organizations that demonstrated innovation during COVID-19. Parents can be rest assured knowing their children are well taken care of, no matter what the world throws their way.


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