Back-to-School Tips for a Successful School Start!

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With summer gradually ending and the first day of school approaching, it’s time to begin preparing for the back-to-school season. Without the right kind of preparation, going back to school can turn from exciting into an overwhelming experience.

Not to worry though – with these five tips, you’ll be eager and ready to start the school year on the right foot!

1. Ease into a morning routine

When it comes to the back-to-school season, you’ll have to leave behind the summer days of sleeping in. Waking up at a regular time is the first step to a great school day, so make sure you start getting used to rising up early in the morning. By doing so, you’ll become properly acclimatized to the day. To put it simply, you’ll feel refreshed and better prepared for a full day of learning!

2. Don’t skip breakfast

With the tendency to sleep in during the summer, you most likely skip breakfast and go straight to lunch. However, you’ll have to eliminate this habit once the back-to-school season starts. There’s a reason why you hear the phrase “Breakfast is the most important meal of the day”! Breakfast time is your chance to eat a nutritious meal that boosts your energy levels, helping you become more alert throughout the day. To ensure such effects, make sure you add healthy foods like apples and whole grain toast to your breakfast.

3. Organize your priorities

As school is starting soon, an organizational attitude is a must! Without establishing this mindset early, you’ll start to feel more anxious and lost in school as your assignment deadlines and test dates begin to pile up. No one likes a stressful semester, so build up that motivation to get organized by stocking up on school supplies like binders, pencil cases and a simple agenda! Your agenda will definitely help you manage your school priorities, as it will be your go-to guide for what you’ll need to do for school.

4. Get a healthy amount of sleep

A good rest is needed for going back to school, as it boosts your readiness for learning, concentration and more. In fact, a study had shown that children who sleep well had a 33% higher chance of completing all assignments and a 28% higher likelihood of being motivated to succeed in school. To do well in school, make sure you get a full eight hours of sleep! 

5. Strengthen your learning with school prep courses

Last but not least, a great way to start your school year off right is by enrolling in school prep courses! There’s no better way to be prepared for school, as you’ll be reinforcing what you’ve learned last school year. You’ll get ahead of your classmates as well, since you can already begin on learning new concepts and skills. With COVID-19 disrupting the in-class school system, many students have had no choice but to miss school. According to McKinsey, missing more than ten school days increases the risk of dropping out by 36%. Fortunately, school prep courses help you avoid this scenario, increasing your eagerness to learn instead once school begins again.

In following these five tips, you’ll be all set for the back-to-school season! At MathProject, we help our students feel empowered and confident in their math abilities once they go back to school. Whether online or in-class math programs in Katy, Richmond, Cypress, Sugar Land, Missouri City and/or Hillcroft, we are here to turn a great first day into a successful school year. 

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