High School Math Program

Our High School Program enhances students’ math performance by aiding with homework, staying ahead in school, and preparing for tests. Our students perform with confidence in school and commonly ace Principles of Math, Calculus, Functions, Advanced Functions and more.

high school calculus
high school math homework

How Our Math Program Works

Our high school program enables students to become self motivated learners, and to develop a strong math foundation for university level courses. After completing every unit, we test them to gauge their understanding of the concepts. This prepares them for real-world test-taking environments they’ll encounter in college or university.

We tailor the high school program, setting targets to teach, clarify, and reinforce topics a few days ahead of the school schedule. This preparation ensures students are well-prepared for math tests, fostering confidence in understanding the school curriculum both in school and at  MathProject for high school.

Extra Math Help

We always provide support to our students as they complete their assignments. MathProject teachers and administration work in partnership with parents to ensure that the students receive full support during sessions and at home. We offer FREE weekly homework aid assistance outside of their sessions to answer any questions. Our program is constantly checking upon their progress with a tool we call “Performance Reports”. Parents track weekly progress, graded homework, tests, and new assignments for ongoing insight into their child’s development.

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