Elementary School Math Program

We take the job of building our students’ math foundation seriously in our elementary school program: Math Basics, such as addition and subtraction, multiplication and division, the knowledge of basic geometrical shapes and patterns, the ability to think through word problems, are vital for high-level mathematical achievement. Our students solidify the grasp of mathematical operations with plenty of practice and no use of calculators. A firm foundation in formative years builds confidence for high-level abstract thinking needed in high school and university-level algebra, trigonometry, and calculus.

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MathProject boosts a child’s math education, no matter what skill levels they begin with.

Our teachers are trained to tailor lessons that match the student’s learning style, boosting student confidence and enabling our students to perform well on standardized tests, such EQAO. Our typical student demonstrates above-average, performance in their school math within a few months of enrolment at MathProject. We achieve this by identifying their learning gaps during our initial Free Assessment, and then work diligently to build their basic math knowledge. This foundation enables them to apply these concepts to more challenging topics like algebra in middle school.

Enrichment Math and Math Contests

MathProject retains students who excel in math and have a passion for it by introducing additional concepts beyond the school curriculum. These students are also motivated and trained to compete in national and international math contests, such as: Mathematica, Kangaroo, Gauss, Pascal, Euclid, Canadian Open Math Challenge (COMC), International Mathematical Olympiad and many other math contests. Such students may also qualify for MathProject’s ‘Enrichment Program Scholarship’ (please speak to our Program Manager for more details). Many of our Enrichment Program students pass IB / AP program entrance tests with flying colours.

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K-8 Homework Club

While the students enrolled in MathProject’s elementary school curriculum are typically much ahead of their peers at school and are able to do their school work with little assistance, it is often the case that some students join the program late and parents want their school math to get immediate attention. In that case, we recommend our program, the K-8 Homework Club*, as a temporary solution to help them do well in school. Parents can choose to complement this program with our regular elementary school program to ensure long-term success.

Our K-8 Homework Club* ensures elementary school students are confident and equipped to complete their school math homework. The program offers one-on-one homework help, keeps students ahead in school, and preps them in advance for tests. Our students perform with confidence and commonly ace math in school.

*This is a paid resource.

Extra Math Help

We never leave our students alone to complete assignments. MathProject teachers and administration work in partnership with parents to ensure that the students receive full support during sessions and at home. We offer FREE weekly homework aid assistance outside of their sessions to answer any questions. Our teachers and management are constantly checking upon their progress with a tool we call “Performance Reports”. Parents can monitor their child’s weekly progress, including online graded homework, upcoming tests, and new assignments.

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