Steps to enroll in our Homeschool program

  1. BOOK A FREE ASSESSMENT – Use the Contact Us form or text 647 403 6284 to book a free, virtual assesment for your child(ren) for the homeschool program.
  2. CUSTOMIZED LEARNING PLANWith a clear understanding of the students’ current level, the MathProject team then develops customized study plan that will ensure the student is able to progress at their own pace through our curriculum while they develop their confidence and mastery of the concepts. Expect a call from us within 2 days of the assessment to discuss your child’s math level and study strategy. As a hands-on parent homeschooling, consider our Economy plan for a personalized approach to your child’s education.
    1. Student’s weekly homework will be due every Thursday by midnight.
    2. Graders will review the work and send performance reports to parents by Saturday. We will update the performance report with new homework for the following week, along with grading from the prior week.
    3. Students can participate in Math Aid Hours twice a week on designated days. Drop-in hours feature live online teachers available to clarify concepts and explain questions for student assistance.
    4. If you miss Thursday’s deadline, the grader updates the report with new homework, expecting prior week’s work with the next week’s submission.
    5. If you submit the work late (i.e., after Thursday midnight), the grader will review it on the following Saturday.

      3. COMPLETE MATHPROJECT REGISTRATION PACKAGE – Parents will then be sent a Registration Form & Invoice by MathProject to complete and sign electronically. Please read our Homeschool Plan Fee Policy for more details.

After completing the Registration Package, MathProject will send you a Welcome email.