(Abridged: Kindergarten)

Designed for young learners in Kindergarten to Grade 1, this abridged workbook is packed with engaging activities to establish a solid foundation in number sense. Here’s what to expect:

  • Foundational Number Sense: From counting to comparing numbers, students develop essential skills crucial for future mathematical concepts.
  • Visual Learning and Skill Expansion: Through colorful worksheets and activities, students explore concepts like even/odd numbers and ordinal numbers, preparing them for more advanced operations with confidence.

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(Abridged: Grade 1-2)

Tailored for students in Kindergarten to Grade 2, this abridged workbook equips young learners with essential tools and strategies to tackle addition and subtraction with confidence. Some key features of this e-workbook:

  • Comprehensive Addition and Subtraction Methods: Introduces four distinct methods, including finger counting techniques and number line usage, providing students with diverse approaches to problem-solving tailored to their preferences and learning styles.
  • Hands-On Learning and Word Problem Solving: Thoughtfully organized worksheets offer ample opportunities for exploration, alongside word problems that deepen understanding of real-world applications.

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(Abridged: Grade 3-4)

Explore essential Elementary Math Fundamental Skills with MathProject’s abridged version for Grades 3 to 4! Designed to build a strong mathematical foundation for elementary students, this workbook prepares them for success as they progress to middle school.

  • Fundamental Math Skills: Covering essential concepts for elementary math, this workbook ensures students grasp fundamental skills necessary for academic success.
  • Emphasis on Process: Students are encouraged to show their steps, promoting a deeper understanding of mathematical processes and problem-solving strategies. With calculators not permitted, students strengthen their mental math abilities and computational skills.

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(Abridged: Grade 5 and above)

Discover the essential Math Fundamentals with MathProject’s abridged version for Grade 5 and above! This comprehensive resource serves as a bridge from middle school to high school, ensuring a solid mathematical foundation for students.

  • Essential Math Foundation: Covering topics crucial for middle school and high school, this workbook prepares students for advanced mathematical concepts and problem-solving skills.
  • Step-by-Step Guidance: Each topic is accompanied by examples and encourages students to show their steps, fostering a deeper understanding of mathematical processes and techniques.

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How to Get Started:

Download: Choose the worksheet that matches your child’s grade level (Kindergarten, Grade 1-2, Grade 3-4, Grade 5 and above).

Complete: Work through the problems, showing all your steps and solutions.

Track Progress: Check your answers with the attached answer key.

Empower your child’s mathematical journey with MathProject’s free abridged math e-workbooks. Start practicing and watch their confidence and skills grow!