MathProject Wins Award For Best Math Program

Math Project Wins Readers' Choice Awards For Best Math Program!

We are thrilled to announce that MathProject has won the ‘Diamond’ category for the Readers’ Choice Award – Best Math Program!

Thank you for choosing us for this award and supporting our mission to boost children’s math confidence. This award would not have been possible without all your help and continuous support of our math program.

What sets MathProject apart from math tutoring programs

Unlike math tutoring programs, MathProject uses a unique and personalized approach to help students gain new skills and confidence in math and in life. MathProject tailors the right teaching plan for every student’s needs, moving away from the standardized repetition technique used by several tutoring programs. By focusing on concepts, thought processes, and reasoning, the MathProject instills problem-solving and critical thinking skills in children. This ensures the growth and development of children beyond the classroom walls and enriches their understanding of core math concepts. At MathProject, we work on eradicating the fear of math in children and helping them achieve excellence in math.

MathProject as the Best Math Program: Success Stories

Our success stories are a great example of why MathProject is not a typical tutoring program. Watch our students share their experiences about how MathProject helped them grow and excel in math. 

Check out what other parents have to say about us, here!

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