How 1 to 1 Math Tuition Outweighs Traditional Math Classes

How 1 to 1 Math Tuition Outweighs Traditional Math Classes

Although learning in a classroom can be fun and exciting, being with lots of other students has its downsides. Let’s say you’re in a math class with twenty-five classmates – you’ve got burning questions about the lesson but can’t ask any of them yet. The teacher finally pauses and gets to the part you’ve been waiting for: “Does anyone have any questions?”. 

Looking around, you see that no one has raised their hand. Worried you might slow down the class with your questions, you hesitate. The teacher continues on with the lesson. With no clarification, you’re left feeling frustrated and confused.

Unlike that scenario above of a typical math class, 1 to 1 math tuition can provide students with a more relaxed environment for an easier learning experience. Here are the top three reasons why one to one (1-to-1) math tuition offers more efficient learning techniques than group math classes:

1. Time: Traditional math classes have a strict schedule; 1 to 1 math tuition is more flexible.

Traditional math classes require students to attend class at a certain time with no exceptions, but 1-to-1 math tuition manages class time by balancing both the child and tutor’s schedules.

In a typical math class, students attend the class at the same time – however, that doesn’t guarantee that they’ll understand the teacher’s lesson at the same rate. Children have varying psychological strengths: some grasp concepts quickly, while others need more time to understand them. In these situations, teachers often lack time to address individual student difficulties as the class moves to the next topic.

1 to 1 math tuition, on the other hand, revolves around the student’s time and learning experience. Unlike traditional math classroom rules, 1-to-1 math tuition can be either in-person or online with more lenient scheduling. Tutors are flexible and understanding of students’ abilities and situations, promoting shortened

Having a 1 to 1 math tuition also lessens the risk of forgetting the concepts taught, as it is an opportunity to practice and learn more about the math at hand. Psychologist Hermann Ebbinghaus observed the phenomenon of retention and memory, discovering that in about an hour, fifty-six percent of information is forgotten when one does not make efforts in reinforcing that knowledge. 1 to 1 math tuition prevents such from occurring, as the tutor only strives to enhance your child’s learning for lasting knowledge and strength in math. 

2. Attention: Traditional math classes limit focus on individual students; 1 to 1 math tuition solely involves the student and tutor.

In a traditional math class, the teacher has less opportunity to ensure each student’s understanding of math, but a tutor in 1-to-1 math tuition prioritizes their student in helping them improve their mathematical abilities. 

When placed in a typical math class, a student may feel too shy to ask questions in fear that they might embarrass themselves in front of their classmates. This hinders their learning process, as their unanswered questions becomes a barrier in their understanding of the lesson. Asking those questions outside of class time is more unlikely, as the teacher may be too busy with other duties. This leaves the student with less opportunity for growth and lowered morale in pursuing good grades in math.

With 1 to 1 math tuition, the tutor makes sure that their student feels comfortable in their environment, letting them ask any question they need answered. The student, in that environment, is given emotional support as the tutor works to improve their confidence,  effectively becoming their “cheerleader” in helping them better their math skills. A strong bond with the tutor fosters trust and supports the student’s success in math.

1 to 1 math tuition also eliminates any distractions that typically occur in traditional math classes. In traditional math classes, friends in the class may distract the child from listening to the teacher and the lesson given. The student can easily get distracted by their phone since the teacher has many other students to attend to. Eighty percent of students in a classroom setting agree that their cell phones are distracting during learning.

However, with 1 to 1 math tuition, the student has the tutor’s undivided attention, leaving no opportunity to be distracted by phones or other classmates. With this, the student increases their potential in strengthening their math skills.

3. Learning: Traditional math classes use rigid learning; 1 to 1 math tuition is personalized.

Last but not least, one of the greatest advantages that 1-to-1 math tuition has over traditional math classes is its capacity to enhance your child’s math education to its full potential.

Traditional math classes utilize rigid learning – a learning system that administers classes and lessons tightly bound to a certain teaching style. With rigid learning, all students in the class receive the same amount of information in a strict structure, not paying attention to the diversity amongst the students and their learning styles.

A 1-to-1 math tutor caters to the student’s needs, adapting their teaching style to enhance the student’s mathematical education. They help the student grasp and reinforce school lessons through practice assignments and tests, preparing them for exams. Research shows that over ninety percent of students find practice tests beneficial for exam preparation. In essence, practice leads to excellence, and 1-to-1 math tuition effectively nurtures your child’s math skills.



Overall, 1 to 1 math tuition can do wonders for your child’s progression in math. It takes out all other distractions and disadvantages that come with a typical math class, making your child’s success in math the utmost priority.


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